How to best use the Trailstone™ products

Please always secure yourself and your dog correctly. Read the manual of the Trailstone™ products carefully before installing and using the Trailstone™ products.

Never place your dog in the front seat, the airbag could cause injury to your dog.

The D-ring on the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt is only to be used for walking to and from the car. Never use the D-Ring for fixing it to the car seat belt or to the Trailstone™ Security Connector as it may cause injury.

The Trailstone™ Security Connector must only be used to hook up to the Top Tether System. Do not hook up to your dog’s collar, to your seat belt, or to the Isofix system in the rear seat as it could lead to severe injury in the event of a crash.

Frequently check the overall condition of the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt and Trailstone™ Security Connector for wear or tear. Please replace when the products are damaged.

Do not wash or bleach the Trailstone™ products nor use deodorant products as it may cause damage to the fabric. If dirty use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

How to best travel with your dog

  • Never leave your dog in the car – it can be too hot in minutes.
  • During driving ensure that there is enough ventilation but avoid cold air being blown straight to the dog.
  • An open window will give great pleasure as all the smells come into the car.
  • Always bring H2O in a bottle and a drinking cup. A dog cannot sweat, so fresh water helps him to cool himself.
  • Walk your dog before and after traveling – this will help him to lose energy making the travel more pleasurable.
  • Is your dog new or anxious to travelling in the car, please seek advice from your dog trainer or local pet specialty retailer.