Click your dog!

Dog travel gear made safe

Traveling with your dog in the car needs to be safe and fun. The Trailstone™ products are therefore designed to be easy to use, reduce stress and provide safety. After all, going on the road should be fun not a struggle.

Safety is important

Buckle up for safety has long been the standard and everyone understands the need to secure yourself in the car for safety.

However, few people secure their dog in the car. Strange as your dog can distract you while driving and when opening the door, the dog can run off on the road.

When breaking severally or in case of an accident, your dog will be launched at a massive speed and weight through the car injuring him and your passengers.

Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt is crash tested

The Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt has undergone dynamic crash testing at TASS International – a Siemens business, in The Netherlands. This organisation tests cars, trucks but also child seats for all the leading manufacturers and consumer organisations.

To do the test we have developed our own crash test dog. We named him Beau after our own dog.


At a speed of 72 km/h

The dynamic test replicates the impact of crashing your car into a tree or solid object.

Regular testing is done at 56km/h and the Euro NCAP car crash tests use a speed of 64 km/h. But we wanted a more realistic approach, so we have tested the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt on our crash test dog at a speed of 72 km/h.

During this test the crash test dummy dog experienced a deceleration force of 39,4 G. This is the same when hitting a solid object such as a tree or a wall at 72 km/h.


The outcome of the test was that The Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt passed the test and remained fully intact to protect you and your dog.

So, click your dog. Don`t be a dummy!