Traveling made safely for both you and your pet

Securing yourself and your family in the seat belts has become a much-needed habit. It’s for your safety and comfort. But what is important for you is also important for your dog. If your dog is not properly secured, he can distract you from driving, for example by jumping on your lap. And a loose dog can get seriously injured when sudden breaking is required or worse when an accident occurs.

So, click your dog – Make it your habit to safely secure your dog in the car.

Trailstone™ Dog Seat belt

The Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt is specially designed to be used with your car seat belt when the dog travels at the rear seat. It offers you safety and control when entering and exiting your car. When driving or in case of a sudden stop, your dog remains in his seat.

Trailstone™ Security Connector

The Trailstone™ Security Connector is specially designed to be used with your Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt when your dog travels in the boot. By securing your dog you prevent him jumping out and run away when opening the boot. Also, the dog will stay secure during driving and breaking.

Dog travel gear made safe

Traveling with your dog in the car needs to be safe and fun. The Trailstone™ products are therefore designed to be easy to use, reduce stress and provide safety. After all, going on the road should be fun not a struggle.