Your dog travels in the boot of your car? Then use The Trailstone™ Security Connector. It is specially designed to be used with your Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt. By securing your dog you prevent unwanted jumping out of the car and when driving and breaking your dog will stay secure and is less stressed

Trailstone™ Security Connector

Art. nr. SC104
  • Designed for dogs between 8 KG and 35 KG
  • The Trailstone™ Security Connector connects the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt to your existing Top Tether System in your car.

Product features

  • The Trailstone™ Security Connector connects your Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt easily to the Top Tether System at the rear of your seats.
  • Manufactured from original car seat belt webbing with a heavy-duty metal Top Tether Hook.

Safety Instructions

  • Please always secure yourself and dog correctly.
  • Do not connect it to your dog’s collar, to your seat belt, the D-Ring on the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt or to the Isofix system in the rear seat as it could lead to severe injury to you and your dog
  • Read the instructions of the Trailstone™ products carefully before installing and using the Trailstone™ products.
  • Please see your car manual to locate the Top Tether anchor points in your car.

Product care

Frequently check the overall condition of the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt and Trailstone™ Security Connector for wear or tear. Please replace when the products are damaged.

Do not wash or bleach the Trailstone™ Travel products nor use deodorant products as it may cause damage to the fabric. If dirty use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Available accessory:
Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt

Secure your dog easily, comfortably and safely in the car using the rear seat belt with the Trailstone™ Dog Seat Belt