When on adventure with your dog you need to clean up your dog’s waste. It is not only the law but makes it more pleasurable for everybody.

Trailstone™ Leash Dispenser

Art. nr. LD108 | 12x5cm

Product features

  • Trailstone™ Leash Dispenser fits easily to the Trailstone Dog Leash or other dog leashes.
  • Stores discretely and in style the Dog poop bags and hand cleaning gel (25 ml)
  • Alternatively place your favourite treats in the compartment or tick removal pen.
  • Made of high-grade fabric
  • 2 Velcro binders connect it easily to the Dog Leash
Travel in style en comfort
Beau with dog leash

Product care

Do not wash or bleach the Trailstone™ Travel products nor use deodorant products as it may cause damage to the fabric. If dirty use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Available accessory:
Trailstone™ Dog Leash

Walk your dog in safety and style.